Tuesday, May 19, 2009

good times

oh blog, how I have ignored thee for Facebook.... I've mistreated you, and I'm sorry.

Things that are on my mind and/or you should check out:

* http://rejoicephotos.blogspot.com/ Tracey's pretty amazing. As were my models.
* I've got snack at small group on Thursday and I'm not sure what to bring
* My dad has been super sick but is not back home and doing better. There, that wraps up how my dad's been since the end of April.
* Grandma's not doing so hot
* I think we're buying a house
* My husband is pretty dang hot
* I'm super geeked about Isaac's Kickin Kickball and Grillout on Sunday
* www.110words.blogspot.com

There. Updates from the past month... for the most part.