Tuesday, August 31, 2010


had a cookout the other day for some friends and people I hadn't met yet (neighbors). Isaac and I worked tirelessly for several days to achieve the look of a clean house. But Sunday at 4pm, it actually was clean. It was soooooo beautiful. spotless, almost. all of the food had been prepared and carried outside in fun dishes.

and then people left. and in an instant, my kitchen morphed back. and there was deep sorrow.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

how to love me

I haven't really bragged on him in a long while. But Isaac deserves some credit. He has been just perfect this week. He was exactly what I needed when I needed it.

Sunday - didn't do squat. Haven't had a day like that in um, well let's see.... forever. On my way home from church, Isaac called to say that he had picked up Chipotle for me. Side Note-Most of my emotions revolve around food. It is my number one love language, I'm fairly confident.... Anywoo, it was thoughtful and sweet. We just sat around munching on delicious burritos, played with Cassius, watched movies, walked around Wal-Mart and then went to Waffle House. All the silly, plain jane things we did while we were dating. But it was nice and relaxing and we had real conversations about life and each other. It was just perfect. Dumb crap like that woos me.

Tuesday - BAD day at work. B-A-D. anger. stress. argh. argh. ARGH. Isaac's almost always in bed when I get home now, because we're on opposite shifts, but he heard about what a bad day I was having and told me he'd stay up. Because of paperwork, I ended up leaving late and didn't get home until almost midnight, but there he was, sitting on the couch waiting for me. The man stayed up until 1am listening to me moan and complain and playing with my hair. He didn't try and fix the situation, complain about what I did wrong... that made my week.

Wednesday - Every once in a while I get more needy than I already am and I typically will blow up his phone. Not seeing each other for days at a time makes it a little more necessary, but whatever... Anyway, he picked his phone a lot and answered all of my questions and didn't relay to me how annoyed he was that I kept calling.

Thursday - Isaac waited until super late in the morning to call me so he didn't wake me up... and then asked me if I wanted to meet for lunch. Remember food being my number one love language?

I doubt any of you have made it this far, but I didn't really write it for you anyway.
This week no one complained about the dishes or the clothes or the dog. It's been pretty simple and my days may seem silly and dumb, but to me they were priceless.

ps- and he stood up for me via facebook on something. I hadn't even brought it up to him. It's kinda cool when your friends stand up for you, but it's flippin awesome when your husband does.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things Cassius Loves

his rabbit
his favorite pot

licking my leg (let's be honest - who doesn't?)

our welcome mat

his duck
eating our shed door. he literally ATE it apart.

urinating in the same spot every day so that our grass dies in the front yard
tilling the ground in the backyard so that our grass dies.
chewing off 3/4 of the air conditioning drain pipe so
he doesn't have to bend over to get a drink (see far left)