Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Facebook Ads Crack Me Up

Just don't watch The Exorcist before going to your class.

Be a Social Worker in 1YR. 
Learn about the Become a Social Worker™ program, where you may receive education grants to cover your preparation. Request info here.

Honestly. This was the best example you could come up with???

How Celebrities Quit 
We show you the hot new way celebrities are quitting smoking these days. You won't believe how easy and enjoyable it is!

We all know the only smoking you'll be doing is in Hell.
Bring Addicts To Christ  Become a Christian Substance Abuse Counselor and help bring addicts to salvation. Request info here.

This honestly disturbs me. If you're so cheap that you have to crack open an eggshell because you don't want to buy a baby carrier, well then, I just don't know.

31yo Moms: Free Baby Bag!
31 year old Moms: Get a 100% Free bag, formula and free baby bottle cooler. Email required. Limit one offer per household. Act now!

Who doesn't love flute playing mice? At least, I think that's a flute...

Discover Funny Sites
Discover the funniest sites on the web with StumbleUpon.

A) I have never seen this building in Cincinnati.
B) Even if I had, I would never PAY to step foot in it, even if it was 1/2 off the normal admission fee.

100 Things in Cincinnati

In general, 'bypass surgery' seems like such an oxymoronic statement to me. And for some reason, this picture just makes me think that it's dancing to Flo Rida. Shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low.

GastricBypass Effect $480  mini-gastric-bypass-me
Gastric Bypass NO surgery only $480 - forcing small stomach and only 50% food intake for immediate weight loss!


Eye for Photography?
Put your talent to work as a photographer! We match you to top Photography programs and schools. Financial Aid. Flexible Schedules. 

Yes, THIS is how you spot an addict. They don't ever smile, they look like a zombie, and worst of all, they have dreads in their hair and ridiculous bangs. If only we could reach every person with bad hair for Jesus.

Help Addicts Find God
Become a Christian Substance Abuse Counselor; help people overcome addictions and heal. Request info here.

What type of nurse are we talking about here? Once again, Shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low.
Become a Nurse in 2011
Prepare for your future now with a new education. 100+ schools to choose from. Request info today!

A) I don't think this is a real baby.
B) You shouldn't have to go to school to learn that.

Be a SocialWorker in 1YR†
Learn about the Become a Social Worker™ program, where you may finish your degree in as little as 1YR. Request info here..

I have no words.

Be a Social Worker 1YR
Earn your degree to be a Social Worker. Grant funding may be available. Search schools now!.