Monday, October 19, 2009

a little prayer

I have a friend who has Lupus. Most people can function from day to day, my friend as a slightly different battle. I believe today was her 3rd or 4th just this year alone. She is on heavy doses of meds every day just so she won't have flare ups. The heavy doses end up causing her other battles.

When I swung by the hospital today, I met her parents in the waiting room. She got out of surgery at 3:30pm, but was in severe pain. They said she hadn't stopped crying and screaming in pain since she had woke up. It was 6:30pm and they still hadn't moved her out of recovery. She had been given 4 doses of morphine and it hadn't even touched her. The doctors said she should be knocked out with that much in her system.

Please pray that the pain subsides. And the doctors can find out what's wrong with her quickly.