Friday, November 27, 2009


So.... I woke up this morning at 4am, and arrived at the West Chester Wal-Mart around 4:45 or 4:50am. I left Wally World around 8am. wowzers. I caught people picking thru my cart 2x. um, hello! The 2nd lady was very apologetic. She thought my cart was returns..... whatever. I just don't think I have ever picked thru someone else's cart before, for any reason. That's like not knocking before opening a bathroom door. It's just uncalled for. Anyway, I did some major damage Christmas shopping and got about 97% of what I came in for. Couldn't find the $2 pyrex pie plates and $2 pyrex casserole dishes. And the $24 5 piece set card table. bummer. However, I will say that because I shopped so long, I litterally had no line. I just walked right up and checked out. That part was pretty sweet.

Then I came home and Isaac went shopping. In the meantime, I took my thawed out turkey and took the wrappings off. That was interesting. I apologized to my naked turkey as I took it's innerds out thru, what I can only assume is it's butthole. I found it's neck thru an opening in the middle. And then it's bloody juiceness ran everywhere. HURL. BARF. BARF. uck.

After I drained it, I stuck it in a roasting pan I borrowed from my mom and coated it with butter. (the bird, not the pan) Then I threw some salt and pepper on the outside. What do I know? So now it's roasting. Then I made 'stained glass jell-o. It's something that my Grandma Johnson used to make for holiday meals and I always loved it. It's basically jell-o, cool whip, marshmellows and graham cracker crumbs. Since I'm making Thanksgiving for Grandma this year, I thought I could make it... Even if she doesn't remember that she used to make it, perhaps she'll recall good memories by eating it... wishful thinking. Anyway, so I was all jazzed about making this. The directions said to gently mix the jell-o with the cool whip, etc... I did. There's nothing about it that looks stained glass. Nothing.

So I added a layer of graham crackers crumbs to the top and layered with marshmellows. wow. I hope my turkey turns out better than this.